At Hunt Science, our goal is to be a bridge between wildlife science and the general public. Incredible discoveries are made in the world of wildlife research every day, but scientists don’t always convey their findings in an easy-to-digest manner. We work hard to clear the confusion and present fascinating trends in a readable format.

Holding Kitten
Sean McCain of Hunt Science, Holding a Mountain Lion Kitten


Whether you hunt, fish, study, or are simply interested in North American wildlife, we hope to provide you with interesting content. Our primary sources for this content are popular publications like The Journal of Wildlife ManagementPLOS OneThe Journal of Nature, and the Journal of Wildlife Biology. Unfortunately many of these publications are hidden behind a paywall or use dense language intended only for fellow researchers. Our team interprets these studies for the general public so that we may use them to stay better informed and improve wildlife policy.


46M waking2
A Cougar with a GPS collar. Photo by Sean McCain

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